Reasons To Use A Hosted Voip Phone System: Benefits And Advantages.

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. The reason behind it is closely linked to how it benefits companies and increases their operability while reducing maintenance costs. But, that’s not all, there is much more you should know.

Here we tell you some of VoIP Phone System advantages:

Benefits of Hosted VoIP

As we have mentioned, Hosted VoIP is a complete system that provides many benefits to all companies that use it. Among the most outstanding ones, we can mention the following:

Cost savings

Hosted VoIP systems allow companies to save money since a hosted VoIP offers all the benefits and features of a commercial telephone system but at a lower cost than usual. Besides, it allows international calls that are also cheaper than those made through traditional telephony’ methods. Generally speaking, the expenses derived from hosted VoIP have to do with maintenance instead of capital investment which significantly reduces the amount of money that companies must expend on them.

Unified communications

Other of the functions that can be taken advantage of by installing a Hosted VoIP system has to do with the communication channels of the company. In this sense, this system is capable of unifying them all in a single control panel.

Easy Third-Party Integration

Businesses usually operate with different types of software to perform the different tasks they require, but that’s not a problem when installing Hosted VoIP Phone System. The reason behind it is that you can easily embed your calls to pre-existing commercial Softwares without having to put in additional hardware or install specialized software.

Wide catalog of tools for contacting customers

It is no secret to anyone that the technology has revolutionized how companies contact their customer, and Hosted VoIP is an example of this. One of the main features of Hosted VoIP is called “find me, follow me”. This feature allows calls to be redirected through connected devices so that they reach the right person.

Advanced contact center

A Hosted VoIP provides several options for communicating with clients. Currently, users want their companies to be able to attend to them at any time and through any channel, and this is one of the benefits offered by this system. VoIP works with the Internet so it allows operators to handle their email, calls, and text messages at the same time.

Massive costs reduction

Offices and dozens of phone lines were synonyms. However, VoIP systems left that in the past. Now, companies do not have to hire specialists to take care of each one of them since a Hosted VoIP works under an end-to-end model with no extra costs per operation.

Inclusion of mobile devices

A Hosted VoIP system allows access to the administration panel from anywhere and on any device. Thanks to these features, you can operate all the extensions of your company through your favorite device, including a cellphone or tablet.
Here are seven benefits of using a Hosted VoIP Phone System, and we assure you that there are even more. Do not miss the opportunity to try it and take your company to the highest level!