What Is Mobile App Development?

App development is simply developing or creating applications (apps for short) that can run on devices such as phones, tablets, iPods, computers, etc. These apps and software make use of various codes and programming languages as their building block to give rise to an interface that the user can easily interact with and provide commands for the app to carry out.

We all use apps in our everyday life, and as such, app development has become an ever-growing field in the tech world. Most companies use apps customized specially for that particular company, for running their business tasks, calculating monthly profits, loss, and expenses, etc. Some individuals also like to have an app developed for their specific needs, such as booking reservations, etc. App development is a very lucrative business, and if you are a tech geek or programmer, then you could make a lot of money developing and selling apps.

Types of application development

As there are different types of apps, so are there different ways of developing these apps.

Mobile app development

Mobile app development is the development of apps that can run on mobile phones and tablets. If you intend to develop and sell mobile apps, then ensure you develop an app for iOS and/or Android as these are the two top-selling mobile platforms.

Custom app development

As have been said, many popular companies make use of apps customized for their specific purpose. Normally, the services or activities performed by such a company can not be obtained from an everyday app gotten from the app store; hence, such a company would have an app developer develop a custom app with the company’s unique features.

Enterprise app development

Enterprise app development is done to handle gigantic data storage for large scale businesses. The apps developed this way can help solve very complex business processes.

Rapid app development

Rapid app development (RAD) is a quick method of developing apps by assembling individual application modules. It is a new approach to app development. This program has an easy-to-use interface and enables even non-tech-geeks to develop custom apps easily and swiftly. RAD gives users and companies the ability to quickly develop custom apps themselves while still having enough time to focus on other productive things.

Low-code application development

With low code app development, non-programmers can easily develop and launch apps by simply dragging codes, modifying as required, and then dropping them where needed. Low-code application is mostly used by companies to create simple custom apps for their business. This saves a lot of time as you would not be the one to create the codes yourself. This kind of app development has the limitation of being unsuitable for highly advanced apps.

Database app development

Database app development is basically for collecting, organizing, and calculating data. This form of app development is mainly used by accounting firms and those having a great need for handling enormous numeric data and statistics on spreadsheets. When enormous data are handled on spreadsheets, grave errors that can ruin a business become very likely, but with a database app, such errors are put in check.

Database apps can be run on the web as opposed to spreadsheets, and no matter how great the data is, a database app can always handle it. Users and developers can assign custom functions for the app for implementing the business workflow.