How To Choose The Best Dvd Ripper Software?

DVD ripper software is welcomed by more and more people today because it includes the advantages such as portability, convenience, and safekeeping. People could take movies in many formats onto their portable devices with the help of great DVD ripper software.

After testing lots of different DVD rippers, we found some efficient ones which help us rip DVD movies and convert them for PC or laptop, iPod, iPod and other PDAs. Those top DVD rippers including the developers like WinX,Aimersoft, Leawo, WonderfoxDVD ripper, etc.

Following video show the top 10 DVD rippers in the market now:

The Top DVD Rippers Features
If you are going to have a travel and wouldnt like to carry all your movies, what will you do? To this point, DVD ripper software can be a great helper for it has the ability to convert DVDs and blu-rays into a number of formats that perform various functions and work with several types of technology. So you can simply bring your notebook with numerous converted movies.

We all know that many portable devices such as iPod, PSP and Zune cant support DVD formats. Its a limit for us to enjoy fantastic DVD movies on them. However, if you choose a DVD ripper, that will become a piece of cake. DVD ripping software is powerful to convert DVD movies to a variety of video formats such as AVI, MPEG, PSP, WMV, 3GP, etc. Moreover, the best DVD ripper software even can make 1:1 DVD copies.

Here we would like to share the comparisons about choosing right DVD rippers that could meet your requirements. Usually, when we decide to select the best DVD ripper software, we use the criteria as follows:

Feature Sets
The essential features such as high-quality image and audio output, supported output formats, CSS decryption, ease of use, fast conversion speed cant be missing. On the other hand, some kinds of DVD rippers offer additional features like editing tools, multiple conversion options. Obviously, the products that come with more features will be better.

Application Stability
In this section, we look at the stability includes ease of setup, error message, available support, additional download/updates and more. We think the manufacturers should provide the full options since you have purchased their products.

Ease of Use
When it comes to this feature, we evaluate whether the product provides flexible navigation, concise interface, friendly user guide and overall design. If the item also has a left little area for users questions, we think it is considerate and would give more scores.

So, those are the main things to look for when come to choosing a right DVD ripper. Of course there are some other factors to consider like the price, customer support, etc. Its great if you can read the reviews available online to see what customers are saying about the application that you want to buy. All the best in your DVD ripper finding!