How Replay Media Catcher Works?

The following is my review of the new Replay Media Catcher from Applian Technologies. This software offers the user the ability to download videos and audio files from any website on the internet such as Youtube and convert them into the popular formats.

I have been able to put this software to the test and written up a detailed review of my experience using the program. So I will talk about my results in this post.

What is Replay Media Catcher?
Replay Media Catcher is the staple product from the screen capturing pioneers of Applian Technologies. The software can capture any form of audio and video media found on the web with a click of a button saving you hundreds of dollars in the long-run for you music lovers out there.

What this means is that you can be watching a music video on Youtube and with the click of a button, have the entire video on your computer in a matter of minutes. Or if you prefer, you can choose to only capture the audio from the video and have the mp3 file on your computer almost instantly.

Setting Up Replay Media Catcher
As with any new software you get, it may take a few minutes for you to learn how to run the program. Fortunately, Applian has provided a well written guide to show you exactly how to set up the software which you can access by going to their official site and navigating to the User Guide.

Replay Media Catcher is Smart. It knows exactly what media file youre playing on whichever website. You simply click Start Recording and it will begin downloading any video or audio file that your playing from the website you are on and it automatically fills in the name too.

Automatically Downloads What You are Watching
Quite frankly, I was most impressed with how automated the software really is. It automatically knows what youre watching and listening to along with the exact names as well. You also get the option to rename the files if you wish plus the ability to save them where you would like.

Replay Media Catcher is a program that can download any video or audio from any site on the internet which ultimately saves you a lot of time for other tasks.

Capture Netflix and Hulu Videos
The new version of Replay Media Catcher has a plugin that allows it to capture videos streaming from Hulu and Netflix. This is good if you want to use the software to save those movies or TV shows onto your computer, perhaps burn them to dvd or whatever.

Heres my exact process for getting the most out of Replay Media Catcher:
The first thing I do is I may have a new hit song I want to put on my ipod. Ill either be listening to Pandora, the radio in my car, or watching TV. It doesnt matter how or where I hear the tune, just that I want it so I can play it whenever I want.

So, I will get on my computer and head on over to Youtube which is actually my favorite place to find music since anyone can upload the song with a video. I will type in the name of the song and browse through the videos until I find one of high quality (usually 720 HD setting).

I will then open up Replay Media Catcher if it is not opened already and click the Start Recording button.

When the button is pressed, the software waits for you to begin playing any media on the site youre visiting. Its really that easy.

Some helpful tips to remember: When you start recording, Replay Media Catcher will download the entire file even if you leave the page. This is a good benefit for those of us that dont want to watch the entire video or listen to the entire song.

File Conversion: You can also convert the files you download to any format you wish. Most audio files do not download in mp3 format. Replay Media Catcher has a simple file converter. You simply select the file you wish to convert, choose mp3 format, and click save pretty easy.

Final Word
And so we have come to the end of my Replay Media Catcher review. When you look past the sales page and the features and all of that, what you have is a simple product that can download an unlimited number of songs from Youtube videos that alone will save you hundreds of dollars on music prices that are normally .99 per song.

You can try the software for free to see what its like Applian is currently offering a free trial which is pretty cool.