Choosing A Hosting Package – Understanding The Basics

As a business owner, its important that you capitalize on all potential marketing channels for your company. This means that aside from traditional marketing methods, you should also consider investing in modern marketing avenues, one of which is by having a functional website online.

Now there are different elements that you have to pay attention to if you want to have a company site. Theres the design factor, function, and of course, after-care or maintenance. Once you have a site thats up and running, you need to make sure that it always remains functional for the ease of usage of your visitors.

This is why its very important that you understand the basics of web hosting. Having this knowledge will help you out when you’re choosing a hosting package for your website. There are certain technologies that are needed for you to be able to post your website online. Web hosts provide you with these technologies.

You have four different hosting types to choose from, and here is an introduction as to what they are and what you can expect from them:

1. Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting means that you gain access to your very own server. This is ideal for large companies that may have more requirements for the sites under their control. The bandwidth is larger to accommodate multimedia of all sorts, and you can even choose your server specs.

2. Reseller Hosting

Choose this if you want to become a web host yourself. You can sell hosting services to others with this system. Its also ideal for businesses that delve into multiple e-commerce pages in one go. It will provide you with multiple SSL certificates as well.

3. VPS Hosting

This is an option best suited for those who want to upgrade from a shared account. Aside from increased flexibility when it comes to managing new software and configurations, this type of service also accommodates emailing and media streaming. You can consider this a semi-dedicated type of hosting as your sites will have their private space within shared servers, allowing for expanded functionality.

4. Shared Web Hosting

What you have here is the simplest hosting package available. Its ideal for people who may be looking for basic services and are comfortable with using shared servers. Usually, companies can host more than one site with this option and receive 24/7 support from their service provider. The catch is that hosts can host sites owned by different people using one server, limiting your access to hosting resources.

Always remember to choose a hosting package that does not only fit your budget, but can accommodate the activities that you require on your page, for your users sake. Spend time understanding what each one entails and speak with professionals for an even better insight as to how each option varies.